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Locked out - transcript

Excerpt from the Adelaide Advertiser, 20 February 1911

Excerpt from the Adelaide Advertiser newspaper on 20 February 1911 titled10,000 peopole affected
National Library of Australia


Melbourne, February 19.

Of the 16 agricultural implement making establishments in the metropolis, ten are now closed down as far as members of the union are concerned. In accordance with the resolution arrived at by the executive of the Sawmill and Timber Yard employees' Union on Friday, the woodworkers employed at the Sunshine Harvester Works to the number of 55, did not return to work on Saturday morning. So far only 15 painters are affected by the strike. They left work with the members of the Implement Makers' Union when the general cessation of work took place on Thursday. The Amalgamated Society of Engineers has resolved to make a common cause with the Agricultural Implement Makers' Union, and request the members to cease work in all the shops where non‑unionists are employed.

The strike and lockout are together responsible for some 10,000 people, wives and dependents of unionists being dependent on outside sources or on individual savings for a living. The trouble has not been in existence long enough to cause actual privation, except perhaps in one or two isolated instances. There is no doubt, however, that if it continues the pinch will be felt.

Mr. McKay stated on Saturday that had he been allowed to work along on reasonable lines he would have doubled the equipment of the Sunshine factory this year, but that the extension must now wait till there was a return to reason.