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11 March - Gawler strike

By March, unions across Australia were pledging support for the Agricultural Implement Makers’ Union (AIMU) strike. Sympathisers sent in donations to help with strike pay, and unionised workers in other agricultural implements businesses discussed how they could support the Melbourne strikers. On Saturday 11 March, workers at May Brothers, an agricultural implements factory in Gawler, South Australia, went out on strike in support of the AIMU. Unions in other industries soon followed.

Once the strike had spread across state lines, it came under the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth Government. The Commonwealth Court of Conciliation and Arbitration was now legally entitled to intervene to settle the dispute.

Article from the Adelaide Advertiser, 11 March 1911

Excerpt from the Adelaide Advertiser newspaper, 11 March 1911 titled Implement Trade Strike Extension to Gawler
National Library of Australia
Employees at May Brothers, Gawler, about 1900
Employees at May Brothers in Gawler, about 1900
State Library of South Australia
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