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Sound and vision

Rabbits in Australia

Sound and vision

Watch and listen to the stories behind some of the Museum's rabbit-related collections.

Combating feral rabbits in Australia

Dr Brian Coman explains how poison bait layers have been deployed to combat feral populations of European rabbits in Australia.

Archival rabbit footage courtesy Australian Broadcasting Commission Library Sales and Nomad Films International Pty Ltd. Images courtesy BJ Coman.

How it works: rabbit poison bait layer

Dr Brian Coman shows how he used a 'poison cart' to help control rabbits in his work as a field pest controller in Victoria in the 1980s and 1990s.

The art of Jenny Pollak: engaging the natural world

Australian sculptor Jenny Pollak explains the intriguing process behind researching and creating her artwork New World Order – Terra Australis.

Syringe used in myxomatosis trials

Curator Kirsten Wehner explains her fascination with a small but disturbing object that tells a much larger story about rabbit control in Australia. Part of the Object stories project.


Rabbits in Australia is part of the National Museum's People and the Environment program. Discover more stories about people's relationships with Australia's natural and built environments on our People and the Environment website.

The site was developed with input from members of the curatorial team, including Jono Lineen, George Main, Kirsten Wehner and Martha Sear.

Rabbits in Australia banner image courtesy Liz Poon, CSIRO.