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Sid and Patricia Clarke

Sid and Patricia Clarke

'They're trying to lay blame on someone, but we've got to move on. There is no point in laying blame on those in the past, cause they used best management practice. Here we are in 2004 - we've just got to get on with it and make the best of it.' Sid Clarke

Sid and Patricia Clarke
Sid and Patricia Clarke on their farm in Ladysmith, holding a salt corroded steel post. Photo: Naomi Zouwer.

'You could run your fingers across the ground, you just got salt. You could lick your finger and think you'd just been to the salt shaker.' Patricia Clarke

Sid is a third generation dairy farmer and has lived in Ladysmith since 1956. He and his wife Patricia have lived on their property Samara for the past 38 years.

Since 1988 Sid and Patricia have been addressing salinity related problems on their farm, including rising watertables, erosion control, tree decline, soil health, nutrient controls and revegetation.

Sid has been an active member of the Kyeamba Valley Landcare group and has received numerous awards for Best Management Practice.

'Our farm management is still evolving and so we have adopted a policy of "responsible management to reflect land stewardship".

We believe farmers must be accountable for their farming practices and demonstrate to the community their stewardship, to ensure not only their, but also other generations, need to have an environmentally sustainable future.'