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Groundwater map

Groundwater map

Groundwater map
Photo courtesy: Brian Short - Wagga Wagga City Council.

One of the salinity objects generated by community and local government action in the Wagga Wagga urban area is a map of the depth below the surface of groundwater across the area.

In May 1997 this map was published in Wagga Wagga's Daily Advertiser. It was based on measured changes in the depth below the surface of the watertable. These measurements were obtained from over 100 piezometers installed throughout the area.

The map indicated areas where there was potentially high, moderate or low risk of the watertable reaching the ground surface.

The map was issued by the Wagga Wagga City Council as a guide for potentially affected residents and as part of their salinity public information program.

The map preceded the Council's installation in the late 1990s of a de-watering borefield in the worst affected area. A series of ten automated pumps were installed to keep the watertable significantly below the surface.

Recent data from piezometers in the area indicate that the bore pumps are currently effective in ameliorating the effects of rising watertables.

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