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Arcadia - Graham Strong's property
Arcadia - the Strong family farm.
Photo: George Main.


Arcadia is a wheat and sheep farm in the Birrego district, west of Wagga Wagga. Garth Strong's grandfather established the property almost a century ago.

Today, Garth and Jan Strong run Arcadia and Oakvale, a neighbouring farm, with their son Graham Strong and his partner Rosie Smith.

In the late 1980s a series of wet seasons caused watertables in the Wagga Wagga region to rise. On a roadside near Arcadia, a wide stand of paddock trees died as salty groundwater rose to the surface.

In response to this dramatic salinisation event, Birrego district farmers formed the Strontian Road Landcare Group.

Birrego district farmer and Strontian Road Landcare member Graham Strong
Birrego district farmer and Strontian Road Landcare member Graham Strong.
Photo: George Main.

Involvement with Landcare convinced the Strong family to change the way they farmed. They sowed wide paddocks to old man saltbush. The hardy, deep-rooted shrubs offer sheep feed throughout the year and help lower salty watertables.

Elsewhere on Arcadia and Oakvale, extensive plantings of local trees, shrubs and grasses have transformed paddocks, promoting ecological stability and natural productivity and further reducing the chance of dryland salinisation.

The Strong family regularly hold field days on Arcadia to share their ideas about farming.


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