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Pass the Salt

Pass the Salt

Pass the Salt explores places, examines objects and tells people's stories about salinity in the Wagga Wagga region, New South Wales. (2006)

The project is a collaboration between the National Museum of Australia, the Murray-Darling Basin Commission and the Museum of the Riverina. It is part of a National Museum of Australia initiative exploring how local communities respond to large-scale environmental change.

As a Museum project, a primary emphasis of this online exhibition (produced in 2006) is on the objects created during interaction between people and land across the Wagga Wagga region. This approach enables cultural and historical perspectives to be a part of Australia's conversation about salinity and sustainability.

To find more about the stories of how salinity has affected people, places and objects in the Wagga Wagga region, view Salinity and Wagga Wagga.

pdf Download the Wagga Wagga region map (PDF 1285kb) 
Courtesy: Wagga Wagga City Council


Shae-lee, Jessica and Shaka Abrahams; Greg Bugden; Richard Brunskill; Joan Cahill; Ian Coates; Matt Crosbie; Garth and Edna Crisp; Danielle Gamble; Karen Giddings; Flo Grant; Donald Henry; Sophie Henry; Tony Hepworth; Warwick Hull; David James; Rachel Kelly; Ruth Lane; Laura, Ashleigh and Jordan Lees; Damian Lucas; Elizabeth Madden; George Main; Jeff North; Aaron Pegram; Jim Phillips; Julie Philips; Petrina Quinn; Alison Reid; Mark Rogers; Madeleine Scully; Brian Short; Montana Taylor; Jen Thompson; Jordan Thompson; Toby Thompson; Frank Vanclay; Jim Webb; Jo Wills; Sally Wood; Louise Woulfe and Naomi Zouwer.

Murray Darling Basin Commission    


City of Wagga Wagga Museum of the Riverina