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Object stories

On a bright red background, the words 'Object stories' and a child's rollerskate held close to the camera by a woman

Do you have a cherished object with a story?

Object Stories is a collaboration between the National Museum, ABC Open and Radio National. On these pages we will share the Museum's own Object Stories, and feature some of your contributions to the ABC Open website.

We are looking for objects that reveal insights into Australian history – from any angle. You can contribute a story in the form of:

  • a photograph and text
  • an audio slide show, or
  • a video

See some stories from the National Museum of Australia. Or see our collection of your stories.

What's your story?

What's your story? Find out how to share it via the ABC Open project, Object Stories.

* The banner image shows National Museum of Australia educator, Jennifer White, with a rollerskate from our handling collection.