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Weipa, Queensland

Weipa, Queensland

The first leg of the tour!

Filming in front of the green screen
Filming in front of the green screen

Our flight from Canberra was delayed while the plane was being de-iced. By the afternoon we were in 30+ degree temperatures in Weipa. Australia is truly a country of extremes!

Weipa is located 900 km north by north-west from Cairns in the Western Cape region - the heart of crocodile country.

The Western Cape region is a diverse community reaching from the land near Aurukun in the south to almost the tip of Cape York in the north.

Within this region there are 11 traditional owner groups represented and the population is based largely in five main communities or towns: Weipa, Aurukun, Napranum, Mapoon and New Mapoon.

While at Weipa we also met young people from Saibai Island, Yorke Island, Thursday Island and Warraber Island schools.

'This is where we stand' and 'Towards the future' share stories of looking for bush tucker on the islands and in the top end where the summers are wet and the winters are hot and dry.

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