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'In the year 3000'

'In the year 3000'

(Tallangatta Secondary College, Tasmanian Schools, Woolum Bellum Koorie Open Door Education School)
In the year 3000

I went to bed and I woke up
In the year 3000
A hover robot woke me up
In virtual housing
Put me on my hover chair
And took me down stairs

Robot hands came out of the wall
And fixed my hair

Put on my clothes
I went to school with aliens
And clones

I'm 10 years old and I drove
On my own
In my hovercraft Porsche
With wings

Everybody's obsessed with the 1980's thing
Michael Jackson's the music
They spin
When I wear my hover boots
The moon walk competition
I win

A trip to Mars, Pluto or the Milky Way
In the year 3000 everyone lives
To the age of 200 to the day

(St Joseph's School and Tooleybuc Central School)
In the year 3000 buildings
Will be 400 stories high
To the core of the earth
400 stories down
Electronically controlled surf
Test tube babies for
A pain free birth

Cures for disease
No cancer or aids, you see
Aliens living with humans
Solar powered jetpacks
Hover bikes and boards
Time travel like a time Lord
Clothes that eat dirt
No need to do work
Cause robots do it for ya
Governments with too much power
Sitting at home, eating teleport
take away food, watching meteor showers
Living under the sea
Watching 3D DVDs
Creating our own oxygen
So we can breathe
In the year 3000

In the year 3000!

(Griffith High School)
No drugs, alcohol or rubbish
On the ground
In the year 3000 Griffith
Is a mad town
Hip Hop will come to a new level
Being all slick
Bringing mad sound
Let me break down

Another world & FSG laid the foundations
Konnect the dot & GUP
Made the creations
Way back in 2000
When we were all little kids
Just prowling
On the mission and Pioneer
Straight to your ear, let me make it clear Aboriginals unfadeable
To the next millennium
We carry on!

(Robinvale Secondary College)
People will be living
On Mars
Travelling in flying cars
Robots serving drinks
In bars
Rockin on electric guitars

Mega sub woofers
Invisible scratch DJs
Anti-gravity dance floors
With laser rays
A computer on your wrist watch
A camera on your eyelids
Too many geeky computer kids
In the Year 3000

Techno, reggae, hip hop and rock
In the year 3000
Music non stop

In the Year 3000!