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'Living by the sea'

'Living by the sea'

(Geraldton Grammar School)
Happily we will be
Living by the sea

We're from Geraldton
Where the wind is strong
Outside town
The red dirt roads are long
And the beach sings a song
While we're walking along
Back at home
Sitting by the fire getting warm
In summer time we get bushfire warning
Wild, flaming and raging
All night, to the morning
Sitting in the classroom
looking at the sky
Seeing the big smoke clouds
rushing by

Living by the sea

And there is a big wind
Everything gets blown away
Especially me

Now I'm up in the sky hey
Flying like a seagull
I'm free

Happy to be on top of
A ferris wheel
Looking down at the earth
That's me
With my mum in the park
Watching fireworks after dark

Building sandcastles down the beach
When the rain flows there's a rainbow
Wherever I go, I drink cocoa
By the fire with my family

Happily we will be
Living by the sea