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Royal Flying Doctor Service, Alice Springs

Royal Flying Doctor Service, Alice Springs

A mantle of safety over the inland

The Royal Flying Doctor Service was established in 1928 by Reverend John Flynn. His vision was to provide a 'mantle of safety' for the isolated communities of inland Australia. Using air links and radio, the service provided medical aid to people living, working and travelling in the outback. Today it operates 21 bases and covers more than 7,150,000 square kilometres.

The Alice Springs base was opened in 1939 to provide emergency and preventative medicine to outlying communities and stations throughout Central Australia. The following staff members have taken these photographs of the base and surrounding town.

Photographers: Kase Connole, Dave Purcell, Beth Williams, Debbie Fox, Rob Evison, Adam Andrews, Doug Briggs, Andrew Lang, Chris Boyd, Gary Carter, Julia Burke, Maria Beattie, Sheryl Alexander, Marcus Williams, Bernie Viklund, Brett Middleton, Justin White, Brooke Andrews, Jamie Andrews, David Marshman