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Solomon Solution poster

Solomon Solution poster

A framed poster for Solomon Solution
Framed poster for Solomon Solution, 1920s. National Museum of Australia.

A positive and permanent cure

Through much of the 19th century, the majority of Australians looked after their horses’ health and wellbeing themselves, relying on experience, popular wisdom and remedies that promised to treat equine injury and disease.

Easily applied external remedies for common equine disorders like lameness and inflammation were widely available.  

Solomon Solution was manufactured in Melbourne from the 1890s by Solomon Cox & Son.

The No. 2 solution offered: 'A positive and permanent cure for sprains, windgalls, splints, curbs, sore shoulders, sore backs  strains, broken knees, greasy heels, swellings and all other kinds of wounds, sores etc'. 

The Museum's collection also includes a jar of Solomon Solution, from about 1920, and a tin of Doyle's Reducine, from about 1938. Reducine was developed in Sydney and is still sold today.

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