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'Barcoo' poley saddle

'Barcoo' poley saddle

Syd Hill ‘Barcoo’ poley saddle with dehorning saw and head rope.
Syd Hill ‘Barcoo’ poley saddle with dehorning saw and head rope used by Ted Fogarty, about 1960s. National Museum of Australia. Photo: Jason McCarthy.

Used by Ted Fogarty

Ted Fogarty used this saddle on Lucy Creek station in the Northern Territory during the 1960s.

Its wide seat and large kneepads provide comfort and safety in rough riding conditions.

When working in cattle yards, one end of the greenhide head rope is secured to a surcingle (strap) over the saddle flap, with the other end lassoed over the animal’s head.

The saddle also carries a dehorning saw.  

The Fogarty family started working on cattle stations in the Northern Territory during the 1920s, purchasing Lucy Creek in partnership with Leslie Rourke in 1962.

The family bred strong and agile horses for their branding work, crossing Percherons (French draught horses imported by pastoralist Sidney Kidman) with local stockhorses.

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