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How irrigation works

How irrigation works

Water from the upper Goulburn River and several other creeks is dammed at Eildon to form Lake Eildon. When farmers need water downstream, it is released into the river and flows down to Goulburn Weir. From here it can be diverted through a system of artificial channels to wherever the farmers need it.

Water can be diverted east via East Goulburn Main Channel or west via Stuart Murray Canal and Cattanach Canal to Waranga Basin, from where it flows 200 kilometres west along the Waranga Western Main Channel past Boort. From here it is piped 170 kilometres further for domestic and stock supplies.

To see where the water goes, see an animated map of the Goulburn River region by Goulburn Murray Water.

Below you can view a slideshow of the Goulburn River and its irrigation channel. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images.