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Food and wine

Food and wine

Joanna Ranken and Emilly Davis at Tahbilk Winery near Mitchelton
Joanna Ranken and Emilly Davis at Tahbilk Winery near Mitchelton. Photo: Nick Drayson.


Water from the Goulburn River is used for Australia's largest irrigation project. Farmers in the Goulburn valley mainly grow stone fruit (much of which is canned), grapes (mainly for wine) and pasture. Much of Melbourne's milk comes from the cows of the Goulburn valley.

Over 200,000 hectares of irrigated farmland use 1 million megalitres in a wet season. If the weather is dry, this rises to over 2 million megalitres. About half of this comes from Lake Eildon, the rest from creeks that run into the river below Eildon.

Photo, left: Grapes, Tahbilk Winery near Mitchelton, right: Dairy cows beside irrigation channel near Shepparton
Left: Grapes, Tahbilk Winery near Mitchelton. Right: Dairy cows beside an irrigation channel near Shepparton. Photos: Nick Drayson.