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Eating fish

Eating fish

Alan Labas (left) and Wally Cubbin
Alan Labas (left) and Wally Cubbin. Photo: Nick Drayson.

Alan Labas and Wally Cubbin

Alan: 'My wife's Australian but she's tried cooking carp every which way. Didn't like it. And yet we had friends who absolutely went mad on it. Hungarians and Croatians, they cook with a lot of spices and you can't taste the fish, you can only taste the spices. As a kid I fished in Slovenia and Austria and when we moved here I pretty well fished all around. The redfin's still the pick of the lot. If you get a big yellowbelly, it tends to be muddy. Redfin are always nice.'

Wally: 'We caught some about a fortnight ago at the channel. They were nice fish. We ate them. They were about a pound and a half.'

Alan: 'I caught seven one afternoon. Mind you I don't bait fish, I only spin. I had three 3-pounders and there were a couple that were about 2 pounds and a couple of slightly smaller ones, so I had quite a big bag full of redfin. We always give fillets to other people. I went one day last week and I got three, one was a real nice one but the others were a bit smaller, but still nice pan-sized reddies. So during the summer months I generally do all right.'

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Alan: I'm born in Croatia and grew up in Austria. I come out when I was 14. I made two trips back. We came out in '49 but I went back in 2000 and 2002 and I met up with a lot of cousins who are all keen fishermen, and they were determined to catch carp so that they could cook it and compare it to what it's like here, because we don't like carp here. They couldn't catch one. They caught everything else bar a carp.

As a kid I fished in Slovenia and Austria, and when we moved here I pretty well fished all around.

[I] used to catch a lot of trout, fly fishing and trolling, but as I've got older I've gone off trout fishing and spend most of my time either on the Murray or in the Goulburn, or Mokoan - a few other places like that - but mainly fishing for redfin and native fish. The redfin's still the pick of the lot.

Wally: They're the best of the lot. They're good solid-fleshed fish. The native fish tend to get a little bit soft-ish in the flesh. If you want to bite into a fish you bite into a redfin.

Wally: You can put a bucket of water out in an open paddock and he'll cast in it and catch a fish, he's that good.

Alan: I keep telling him it's only luck.