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A colour photograph of Henry

Henry Jones and his family have been involved in the fishing industry for six generations - five of them have fished out of Clayton. Henry and his wife Gloria were the first generation to live in Clayton. Their early fishing days were great pioneering days and turned out to be some of the most exciting and rewarding parts of their lives. There were no power or telephones when Henry first moved in. Along with others, he had to lay about 10kms of line to build the first party telephone, telephone number 47D. Henry recalls a great moment during this process when a lady urgently asked to use his phone. She asked the operator at Milang exchange for a London number on the stretched out fencing wire and got through.

When Henry built their house the only other residents were a chap by the name of Claude Dent, who lived in a cave with a dozen cats, and Green Bottle and his wife, who lived in an army ambulance in the middle of a rabbit warren with a white ferret.

Gloria and Henry were married about 12 months after the house was built and she moved to Clayton, which was the start of 43 years of a wonderful, fruitful partnership that included three magnificent daughters and a few more rooms added onto their house.

To market their fish catch Henry and Gloria also established two shops. The first was in old Clayton with petrol bowsers and twin coppers that used to cook yabbies to be sold to the public hot and cold. They have memories of the little shop being served by very bad roads, but it later developed into a great little business selling fish and yabbies.