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Plough animations

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Plough animations

Creating object stories

In 2015, Year 2 students from Majura Primary School in Canberra undertook a history unit that explored changes in their local area. Students wrote scripts and created animations to help them tell the story of a plough once used at the local Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) agricultural experiment station at Dickson.

By Darragh

By Felix, Evie, Mimi and Michael

By Nathan, Jake, Laura and Rowan

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A colour photo of a school group surrounding an old plough
Kevin Prendergast, who worked at the CSIRO experiment farm at Dickson, explains the workings of a stump-jump plough to Majura Primary School students. The plough, now part of the National Museum's collection, was used in the area prior to the establishment of the northern suburbs of Canberra in the 1960s. Photo: Jason McCarthy.

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