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Collingullie, New South Wales

Food Stories

Collingullie, New South Wales

Interior view of cook's galley

Collingullie food history

The village of Collingullie lies in southern New South Wales, close to the Murrumbidgee River, surrounded by productive farming and grazing country. Each year, thousands of people in Australia and across the world consume a range of different foods grown in Collingullie. Explore Collingullie's food history and the cook's galley. 

Kids showing their dirty hands after working in the garden

Collingullie Public School

Collingullie Public School is a small rural school 24 kilometres west of Wagga. The school has an enrolment of about 30 students. Students at the school come from the local village and from farms in the outlying area. Collingullie Public School is a member of the Wagga Smalls Schools Network and prides itself on the partnerships it has with these other small schools.

People and the Environment

Food Stories is part of the National Museum's People and the Environment program. Discover more stories about people's relationships with Australia's natural and built environments on our People and the Environment website.