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Farmers' Stories

Farmers' Stories: from the Upper Murray features a series of short interviews and images of farmers from the Upper Murray region, exploring their environmental connections and reliance on the weather. (2007)

Photo: Stephen Routledge.

The constant connection with people to their environment, the weather and the effects it has on the land, is lost to many who live in Australia's growing urban environments.

The weather is one of the fundamental conversational subjects farmers have between each other. The seasons are constant and known but their impact may differ from year to year. The seasons give continuity and pattern for farmers to follow in the planning of their production. Any changes in the weather can bring many woes or gains and determines the lives of families and whole communities. What people do on farms is inextricably connected to the environment.

This series of short interviews and images are of real farmers who work for themselves, some of whom may not get an income for a whole year. Their lives are reliant on another force, a natural, seasonal and patterned influence and what these people do on a day-to-day basis.

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The content of this gallery was collected by farmer and photographer Stephen Routledge, on behalf of the National Museum of Australia, and was published in 2007.

Disclaimer: The Farmers' Stories gallery is a community generated website. The stories and opinions expressed here are those of the individual participants and do not necessarily represent the position of the National Museum of Australia. They are presented to inform discussion about the lives of farming communities.