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Caitlin Kozman


Caitlin Kozman

Artist biography

Caitlin Kozman was born in the country town of Bowral, New South Wales, in 1990. Caitlin grew up in the Illawarra, amongst the beach culture of Port Kembla. In 2008 she moved to Western Australia and worked in the Pilbara region for almost a year as a housekeeper at the Yandi mine. While there, she bought an SLR camera as she felt it was the most compact artistic outlet she could hope to find. Caitlin then lived in Canada and Ireland, and travelled throughout Europe and Asia.

In 2011 Caitlin commenced a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Australian National University as a photomedia major. In the future she hopes to further her study within the visual arts.

Artist work: Dust to Dust

Medium: Warm toned fibre prints, large format negative
Dimensions: 11 in x 14 in (paper), 4 in x 5 in (print)
Date: November 2012

 A black and white photo of a man's face covered by sand.

Artist statement and inspiration

The works in Dust to Dust respond to the National Museum's archive content for Expanding the Economy and explores the relationship between land and body.

The materiality of the red dust in Central Australia is so fine that to work in the Pilbara Region is a dedicated subliminal experience. Bursting with a cacophony of contradictory feelings, of beauty and isolation, familiarity and alienation, each heightening the individual’s senses, this work is a visual expression of this psychological experience. A complete submersion of the individual amongst the land occurs. Every element of life belongs to and is subject to the dust. Dust permeates life.