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Zach Lamont


Zach Lamont

Artist biography

Zach Lamont is an aspiring digital artist based in Canberra. He works with film and animation to produce works that are visually striking and carry a message. Zach works with careful consideration of visual design and close attention to detail.

Zach is passionate about his work despite having little background in visual arts or media. He loves to draw inspiration for his work from science and music. 

Artist work: Bowen Downs

Medium: Digital video/animation
Date: November 2012

Artist statement

This work explores the relationship between the Bowen Downs windmill and the spaces it occupies, in particular the Bowen Downs site where the windmill was first assembled.

The windmill is a massive object and has a dramatic impact on any space that it occupies.

In my work I have sought to represent in an abstract way the Bowen Downs site since the historical windmill was acquired by the National Museum of Australia. 

Artist inspiration

Seeing the huge windmill in its indoor home at the National Museum of Australia was a huge source of inspiration for this work.

Seeing the massive object mounted inside the National Museum was such a surprising and unnatural sight.

This inspired me to create a work that explored the space around the windmill as well as the object itself.