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Alexander Razmoski

Alexander Razmoski

Alexander Razmoski


Artist biography

Alexander Razmoski is a second student year studying a Bachelor of Digital Arts at the Australian National University in Canberra. He tries to achieve the creation of high-quality visual material that can be expressed creatively through animation, video, sound and visual effects compositing.

Artist work: The Underworld

Medium: Video
Date: November 2012

Behind the scenes

Artist statement

Art is a perfect way to express myself to people about who I really am as a person. I search and explore my main interests in art and create high-quality photorealistic visual material for pure entertainment. I am a highly motivated and resourceful individual. The goal that I try to achieve is to have  viewers drawn in to my artwork and have everyone feel the emotional impact that I put in my work.

Artist inspiration

The Underworld is an art piece about the mining industry, inspired by the large rock shovel bucket at the National Museum of Australia.

In my mind I have always considered the mining industry to be a different world that is only seen by the workers. The idea of separating different floor sections adds a level of complexity. I wanted to go beyond the research and make the video as an education experience.