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Defining Moments in Australian History

Warning: This website includes images and names of deceased people that may cause sadness or distress to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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    Marriage equality
    9 December 2017
    Marriage equality
    2017: Marriage equality
    1983: Australian dollar floated
    12 December 1983
    Australian dollar floated
    1983: Floating of the Australian dollar
    Young people squatting or standing on a dirt road holding the Australian flag and various banners.
    14 December 1982
    Franklin Dam and the Greens
    1982: Protests against Franklin Dam in Tasmania lead to formation of the Greens
    Aboriginal man standing in front of tent holding up sign saying ‘We want land not handouts’. He is surrounded by a dozen or so other protesters.
    16 December 1976
    Aboriginal Land Rights Act
    1976: Australian Government passes Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act
    1974: Cyclone Tracy
    25 December 1974
    Cyclone Tracy
    1974: Cyclone Tracy hits Darwin
    Equal pay for women
    15 December 1972
    Equal pay for women
    1972: Conciliation and Arbitration Commission grants equal pay for men and women
    Election of Menzies Government
    10 December 1949
    Election of Menzies
    1949: Election of the Menzies government – the longest serving in Australian history
    1945: Penicillin
    10 December 1945
    1945: Florey, Fleming and Chain win Nobel Prize for developing penicillin
    Autographed photo of Don Bradman posing with cricket bat in 1928.
    29 December 1928
    Bradman’s first century
    1928: Donald Bradman’s first international cricketing century
    Steam ship in front of an ice shelf
    2 December 1911
    Mawson in the Antarctic
    1911: Douglas Mawson leads Australasian expedition to Antarctica
    cropped image of poster - ‘The Story of the Kelly Gang, commencing Saturday Nov 26, Anderson’s Olympia Theatre’
    26 December 1906
    World's first feature film
    1906: World’s first feature-length film The Story of the Kelly Gang produced in Victoria
    this 28mm-high badge has the words ‘Australia for the Australians’ stamped on the rim and the words ‘White Australia’ stamped on silver-painted representation of the Australian continent in the middle.
    23 December 1901
    White Australia policy
    1901: White Australia policy enshrined in law
    sepia-toned photograph of a large three-storey white building
    17 December 1872
    Free education introduced
    1872: Free, compulsory and secular education introduced in Victoria
    1859: Introduction of rabbits
    26 December 1859
    Rabbits introduced
    1859: Rabbits successfully introduced into Australia
    1854: Rebellion of goldminers at the Eureka Stockade, Ballarat, Victoria
    3 December 1854
    Eureka Stockade
    1854: Rebellion of goldminers at Eureka Stockade, Ballarat, Victoria
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