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Defining Moments in Australian History

Warning: This website includes images and names of deceased people that may cause sadness or distress to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

1788: Convict cargo
Convict cargo
1788: Captain Arthur Phillip establishes a convict settlement at Sydney Cove
1792: Pemulwuy
1792: Aboriginal warrior Pemulwuy leads resistance against Sydney colonists
3 June 1992: High Court Decision in Mabo Case recognises Native Title
Mabo decision
1992: High Court decision in Mabo case recognises native title
merino sheep
Merino sheep introduced
1797: Introduction of the merino sheep to Australia
Two men with slaughtered whales on shoreline; one standing on one whale with harpoon spear in hand
Start of whaling
1791: Establishment of the whaling industry in Sydney
full length colour photo of an Aboriginal AFL player standing on the field, lifting up his jumper with one hand and pointing at his belly with the other. He has a determined and defiant expression on his face
Nicky Winmar’s stand
1993: AFL player Nicky Winmar responds to racist abuse from spectators
black and white electron microscope image showing five granulated black and white oval shapes on a white background. There is an hour-glass figure discernible in the centre of each shape.
Smallpox epidemic
1789: Smallpox breaks out in Sydney