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Judith Hickson

Judith Hickson, Assistant Curator

My latest blog post

An old pair of wooden skis? Not what you’d expect…..

By Judith Hickson
10 Jan 2014
When I first started working at the National Museum, I felt as though I’d arrived in an Aladdin’s cave –...
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About Judith

Portrait of Judith Hickson.
Judith Hickson. Photo: Jason McCarthy.

Since joining the National Museum in 2011, I’ve worked in a variety of curatorial areas, including the Collections Development Unit and the Australian Society and History team.

I'm currently working with the People and Environment team to help develop the Freewheeling: Cycling in Australia exhibition. Through my work, I hope to highlight some of the past and more recent achievements of women in cycling as well as to draw audience attention to both the physical and psychological health benefits of cycling.

My research interests include the effects of globalisation and changes to physical environment on public health and disease; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health; and health issues faced by those who seek refuge and asylum in Australia.

As a curator, I’m particularly interested in the ways museums, as centres of learning and understanding, are able to present contemporary environmental and social issues in ways that promote appreciation, tolerance and respect within and between communities.


Tel +61 6208 5015


Cycling in Australia, new National Museum travelling exhibition on the role the bicycle has played in the lives of Australians since the late 19th century, opening in 2014. Role: assistant curator.

Journeys: Australia’s connections with the world, permanent exhibition gallery at the National Museum, 2009. Role: assistant curator, collections and content development, management and delivery.


'Chinese skiers of Kiandra: object and narrative', reCollections: a journal of museums and collections, vol. 8, no. 2, 2013.

'The Mawson Proclamation' in Collection Stories, National Museum of Australia Press, 2012.

'Bart's boat', Goree: Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander News from the National Museum of Australia, vol. 9, issue 1, April 2012.