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Cycling objects from the National Museum's collection

The National Museum of Australia's collection includes a wide range of material culture related to cycling in Australia, including bicycles, clothing, promotional posters and trophies won by successful cyclists. Learn more about some of the highlights from our collection here. 


Peter Heal's recumbent bicycle
Peter Heal's recumbent bicycle
Used to set solo cycling records across and around Australia.
Harry Clarke's penny-farthing
Harry Clarke's penny-farthing
An 1884 bicycle owned by a champion penny-farthing racer.
Ken Ross cycling collection
Ken Ross cycling collection
Medals won by one of a few Australian cyclists in Europe after the First World War.
Marion Sutherland's safety bike
Marion Sutherland's bicycle
Made in Melbourne by Arthur Sutherland for his wife, Marion, about 1913.
Hubert Opperman's beret
Hubert Opperman's beret
Worn by ‘Oppy’ throughout his life as a tribute to the French for their generous support.
Cadel Evans cycling collection
Cadel Evans collection
A Ridley 'Helium' road bike from the 2008 Tour de France, and a Cannondale mountain bike.
Malvern Star bicycle
Ernie Old's Malvern Star
A 'Sid Patterson' road racer presented to the champion long distance cyclist in about 1956.


People and the Environment

Cycling in Australia is part of the National Museum's People and the Environment program. Discover more stories about people's relationships with Australia's natural and built environments on our People and the Environment website.