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Necklace lei

Necklace lei

Place: Hawaii
Category: Jewellery & adornment

shells, plant fibre, Hawaii, l. 28 cm, Inv. Oz 243

Humphrey No. 74 (?): ‘A Necklace made of small worn olive nut shells, from Sandwich Islands.’ (= Oz 243)

Humphrey No. 75: ‘Another [Necklace] composed of faded alatae shells, from ditto [Sandwich Islands].’ (= Oz 224)

Small shells are strung together on a cord made of a plant material (= Oz 243).

Sixteen snail shells are strung together on a plaited string (= Oz 224).

Concerning necklaces made of shell, Buck (1957: 542) noted: ‘The shells used for necklaces were the small and medium-sized marine shells, mostly cowrie, Nerita, and cone shells ... The simple technique consisted of threading the shells on a thread or fine cord of olona passed through an artificial hole, if such a hole was necessary, and the natural aperture of the shell.’ Inken Köhler


Buck, Peter, Arts and Crafts of Hawaii, Honolulu, 1957.

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Necklace lei, Inv. Oz 224