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Headrest kali

Headrest kali

Place: Tonga
Category: Household

wood, Tonga, l. 70 cm, b. 4.3 cm (middle), h. 14.5 cm (middle), Inv. Oz 690

Humphrey No. 223: ‘a three-legged Stool, made of a hard kind of Wood, from the Friendly Isles, used as a pillow. ‘

In some respects, this headrest differs from the ones listed above. It consists of a semi-circular wooden piece with a flattened, rectangular upper surface. One side of the piece forms one leg, the other side of the piece divides into two legs. Each leg is bent at the base to form a foot. The diameter of the feet is only slightly wider than that of the rest of the legs. Inken Köhler, Ulrike Rehr, Gundolf Krüger

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