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Barkcloth 'ahu

Barkcloth 'ahu

Place: Tahiti & Society Islands
Category: Barkcloth

Tahiti and the Society Islands, l. 120 cm, w. 362 cm, Inv. Oz 619

Humphrey No. 6: ‘a piece of thin Bark Cloth of a cream colour, from the said Islands.’

The single-layered cloth with fine lines is undyed, but has a stain-like, beige-yellowish discolouration which may be of natural origin. One corner (14 x 6 cm) has been cut or torn off. A Humphrey label with the number 6 is glued on at one corner. The huge length of cloth may have been from stock or raw material for making wrap around skirts, pareu, or loincloths, maro. Gundolf Krüger