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Young Public School: Burrangong Creek

Young Public School: Burrangong Creek

Bottle number: 43

About the water

A colour photo of Josh Percival from Young Public School's Waterwatch group taking a sample from the Burrangong Creek weir
Josh Percival

Collected at: The weir, Burrangong Creek, Young, NSW

Near Campbell Street Bridge, Young town.

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Collected by: Young Public School Waterwatch

Young Landcare Group, Heather Williams co-ordinated Waterwatch activities and provided kits for school in association with Leah McCarroll (Lachlan CMA).

Water quality (primary test kits only):

Turbidity: 15
Salinity: 1700
pH: 8

Temperature: Water 20 degrees; outside 30 degrees. Temperatures have fluctuated during various seasons. Water hens have bred on island – sighted 2 chicks today – and a turtle!

ACT Waterwatch says:

That's some seriously salty water. One would expect this at the outflow of a river where ocean tides swept up the river twice daily, not far inland.

Temperature does fluctuate. That's normal, from night to day and from season to season. Water tends to fluctuate less than air, as it is more dense, and thus holds heat or cold better than the surrounding atmosphere. This is fine, as cold blooded animals like fish and frogs appreciate the moderation in temperature.

A colour photograph of the water sample collection site at The weir, Burrangong Creek, Young, NSW
The weir, Burrangong Creek, Young, NSW.

About the site

Alluvial gold found here 1860s. Council established small island sanctuary. Grassed area. Pollution, lack of rainfall.

What's going on:

Tested water quality twice/school term.

Bug watch survey in Spring (Primary School).