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Sandy Dellwo: Wakool River

Sandy Dellwo: Wakool River

Bottle number: 82

About the water

A colour photo of Sandy Dellwo from the Murray Catchment Management Authority.
Sandy Dellwo. Photo: Lyn Kennedy.

Collected at: Wakool River Campground (upstream side), Wakool, NSW

6km South East of Wakool township. From Deniliquin turn right off Wakool – Deniliquin Road just before Wakool bridge.

E: 0269503, N: 6068596, Zone 55

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Collected by: Sandy Dellwo, Murray Catchment Management Authority.

The Wakool River is part of a pilot study being run by the Murray Catchment Management Authority (CMA) investigating the use of macro-invertebrates as indicators to measure climate change (Bioindicators Project).

This site is one of three sites along the Wakool River being studied as part of the Bioindicators project.

Water quality (as at 11am, 9 November 2009):

Turbidity: 34NTU
pH: 6.1 at 26.6 degrees C
Salinity: 63.2µS/cm

ACT Waterwatch says:

Turbidity is a little higher than ideal here. Looking at the lack of ground cover, one begins to see why the turbidity is high.

Wakool River Campground, Wakool, NSW.
Wakool River Campground, Wakool, NSW. Photo: Sandy Dellwo.

About the site

Site is a popular campground along the Wakool River near the township of Wakool.

What's going on:

This site was chosen as part of the Bioindicators project as it historically has good water quality information compared to downstream Wakool River sites.

The Murray CMA in conjunction with the Murray Darling Freshwater Research Centre are implementing the year long Pilot Bioindicators Project across the Murray Catchment including this site on the Wakool River. The work being completed as part of the project includes general water quality testing and the investigation of macro-invertebrates using snag bags, artificial substrate samples, edge sweep sampling and AUSRIVAS (Australian River Assessment System).