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Ryu Callaway: Isabella Pond

Ryu Callaway: Isabella Pond

Bottle number: 40

About the water

A colour photo of Ryu Callaway holding her water sample.
Frogwatcher Ryu Callaway.
Photo: Andrew Callaway.

Collected at: Isabella Pond, Monash, ACT

Northing 6078100N, Easting 688625E
Walked down from the end of Arnot Pl, Monash, ACT.

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Collected by: Ryu Callaway

Limited involvement to date with the site.

Water quality:

Water quality does not appear to be high due to household rubbish entering the Pond and household run-off.

ACT Waterwatch says:

This pond was created to control urban stormwater. Trash from streets, households, or put down storm drains ends up in places like this. Urban stormwater is not treated at all in Australia. Everything that goes down a storm drain ends up in a pond like this, a river, or the ocean.

A colour photo of the water sample collection site at Isabella Pond, Monash, ACT.
Isabella Pond, Monash, ACT. Photo: Andrew Callaway.

About the site

Not aware of the site history. The site is surrounded by residential areas and major arterial roads, but pond connects with Tuggeranong weir, which in turn connects with Lake Tuggeranong. The Pond doesn't have a permanently running inflow, but appears to be primarily as a silt pond.

What's going on:

Limited recreational use. Used by local residents as part of their walking routes. Pond had readily observable household rubbish in water along the banks. Limited waterfowl and some frogs.