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More to explore

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The National Museum of Australia undertakes a range of projects working with communities around Australia. Here you can explore a number of other projects the Museum has done involving Murray-Darling Basin communities.

Basin Bytes project

Basin Bytes
A collection of photographs taken by people living in Australia's Murray-Darling Basin, showing local landscapes, resources, cultural heritage and characters. (2004-06)

Pass the Salt

Pass the Salt
An online exhibition exploring places, examining objects and telling people's stories about salinity in the Wagga Wagga region of New South Wales. (2006)

Hooked on the Goulburn

Hooked ... on the Goulburn
An online exhibition about life, fishing and environmental efforts on the Goulburn River in Victoria. (2006)

Early morning on the Murray River. Photo: Matthew Higgins.

Murray Meander, photos on Flickr
Photos taken by National Museum of Australia senior curator Matthew Higgins on a reflective journey down the Murray River as part of the research for Australia's Water Story, a part of the Water exhibition. (2009)

Combaning Creek waterhole.

The Waterhole Project research blog
A National Museum of Australia blog exploring the histories and contemporary realities of a waterhole and its surrounds at Combaning, NSW. (2010)

Other resources

Water and the Murray-Darling Basin (education resource)
A National Museum of Australia classroom resource developed to support the Water exhibition. The focus of the unit is: What can museum objects help us understand about water use and management in the Murray-Darling Basin?

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority
The Murray–Darling Basin Authority is responsible for planning the integrated management of water resources of the vast Murray–Darling Basin.