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Neville Public School: Neville Creek

Neville Public School: Neville Creek

Bottle number: 48

About the water

Collected at: Neville Creek, Neville, NSW

Behind Neville School. Two metres to the right of the gate that goes from the oval to the Creek Paddock.

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Collected by: Neville Public School

Our school is monitoring the creek to see if the tree planting has improved the water quality. We also use the area as an place to learn about our environment.

A colour photo of the Neville Public School students, K to 6, who are looking after Neville Creek.
The Neville Public School students, K to 6, who are looking after Neville Creek.

Water quality:

Turbidity: 20NTU
pH: 7
Salinity: 200uS/cm

ACT Waterwatch says:

What a lovely success story! It's great to see students really owning a project like this. The disturbance of the willow removal may cause temporary increases in turbidity, but as things settle down and their new trees grow, turbidity should fall. Turbidity could also be coming from upstream. Maybe a class excursion over the fence to have a look is in order?

A colour photo of the water sample collection site at Neville Creek, Neville, NSW
Neville Creek, Neville, NSW.

About the site

The site had Crack Willows removed 18 months ago and has been replanted with native vegetation. This section of the Creek is located on the school property and is currently only used for education purposes and occasional grazing.

What's going on:

The trees we planted are growing, but the kangaroos keeping eating the tops of them. The creek is flowing better now that the willows have been taken out, and it is starting to look like a chain of ponds like it used to be. We hope that the trees grow up to give us shade soon, because we enjoy eating our lunch by the creek.

The Lachlan Catchment Management Authority helped us to remove the willows. Then we had an environmental day with the Heritage Schools, who helped us to plant all the trees. We have been busy mulching and watering the trees and trying to keep the kangaroos away.