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Macclesfield Primary School: Angas River

Macclesfield Primary School: Angas River

Bottle number: 107

About the water

Collected at: Angas River at the Crystal Lake Campsite, Pound Road, Macclesfield, South Australia

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Collected by: Macclesfield Primary School

This is the area that our year 3-4 class undertake their Waterwatch data collection.

Water quality:

Turbidity: 10
pH: 7.5
Nitrates: 0.2
Salinity: 1870
Phosphates: greater than 0.4

The children were able to identify 13 different macro-invertebrates.

ACT Waterwatch says:

The water is lovely and clear, but something is going very wrong upstream. Both nitrates and phosphates are well above expected, and salinity is through the roof. It is probable that cropping with intense irrigation is the source of most of these problems. It's great there are a lot of macroinvertebrates, I wonder if they are estuary species?

About the site

The water sample was collected 100m upstream from a weir that was placed across the Angas River to create a swimming hole for the town. The lake is now used by the campsite to hold their aquatic activities. One side of the river is a grassed area used as an oval by the camp site, the other site is land that is being revegetated by the Macclesfield Bush Care group after it was stocked by cattle.

What's going on:

As mentioned above one side of the river is used for recreation and the other side is being revegetated.

Collecting water samples and testing water for Waterwatch.