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Loxton Primary School: Murray River, Snake Island

Loxton Primary School: Murray River, Snake Island

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Reference no: BNS43

About the water

Loxton Primary School students examining their bottle of water.
Loxton Primary School students examining their bottle of water.

Collected at: Murray River, Snake Island, Loxton South Australia

N: 6187900, E: 459900

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Collected by: Loxton Primary School
Contact Teacher: Helen Smyth

Our group has been monitoring local waterways through the local Waterwatch program for several years. We undertake regular monitoring at this site to ensure that the water in our local area is healthy for swimming, boating and irrigation.

Water quality:

Turbidity: 15
pH: 6.5
Nitrates: 0.0.5mg/L
Salinity: 420EC units
Phosphates: 0.1mg/L

Water level is lower compared to last time.

ACT Waterwatch says:

This site is probably coming up more saline than it usually is, as when water is low, salts become concentrated. Nutrients are higher than they should be.

River Murray, Snake Island, Loxton South Australia.
River Murray, Snake Island, Loxton, South Australia.

About the site

This site is one of our regular Waterwatch monitoring sites and it is located at the Loxton Riverfront near the Boat Ramp. Land use near this site includes recreational and also residential – there are houses above the site on hill/cliff and there seems to be seepage from the hill down into this site.

What's going on:

The site is located close to the local boat ramp and the area is mostly used for recreation. Houseboats are moored nearby and there seems to be salty-seepage at the bottom of the hill and around the edge of our monitoring site.

As above – we monitor the water quality at the site each school term as part of the Waterwatch program.