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Kylie Durant: Yarrara Creek

Kylie Durant: Yarrara Creek

Bottle number: 81

About the water

A colour photo of Kylie Durant, Murray Catchment Management Authority Implementation officer collecting a water sample.
Kylie Durant. Photo: Michael Sleaman.

Collected at: Yarrara Creek, Coppabella, NSW

At the bridge on Coppabella Rd.

E: 559967, N: 6044669, Zone 55

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Collected by: Kylie Durant, Murray Catchment Management Authority Implementation officer

As an implementation officer for the Murray Catchment Management Authority I have been involved in monitoring and projects at the site.

I am also interested in, and monitor tributaries of the Coppabella Creek (one of the streams with the Endangered Booroolong Frog).

Water quality:

Turbidity: 10NTU
pH: 6.5
Salinity: 150┬ÁS/cm

Yarrara Creek is an example of a creek that is improving slowly over time.

The initial disturbance of plantation development caused a lot of issues, but now that has stabilised.

ACT Waterwatch says:

This creek seems to be doing pretty well by looking at the numbers but the photograph shows that there is big trouble.

Bank erosion like this will cause large amounts of soil to get into the creek during storm events when the water level and speed increases.

This site probably needs some engineering work done to direct the flow of the water back into the middle of the channel and away from the exposed and eroding bank.

Yarrara Creek, Coppabella, NSW.
Yarrara Creek, Coppabella, NSW. Photo: Sandy Dellwo.

About the site

The Yarrara Creek starts in well vegetated hills and goes through about 7 farms before entering the Coppabella Creek. It has had some erosion problem in the past, especially with the change of land use from farming to pine in the upper catchment. Areas have been fenced and revegetated to try and get the bed and banks stable.

What's going on:

The sample site still has some bed and bank erosion but is made stable by lots of willows, as well as some native vegetation. It is still open to grazing.

Conduct monthly water quality monitoring as part of a community stream sampling project (SaltCHECK) to improve our knowledge of the condition of inland waterways within the Murray Catchment.