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Kylie Durant: Spring Creek

Kylie Durant: Spring Creek

Bottle number: 80

About the water

A colour photo of Kylie Durant, Murray Catchment Management Authority Implementation officer collecting a water sample.
Kylie Durant. Photo: Michael Sleaman.

Collected at: Spring Creek, Welaregang, NSW

E: 586454, N: 6014254, Zone 55

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Collected by: Kylie Durant, Murray Catchment Management Authority Implementation officer

I have been involved with the erosion issues at the site and also to make improvements in my role as an implementation officer for the Murray CMA.

Water quality:

Turbidity: 10NTU
pH: 7.5
Salinity: 440uS/cm

The Spring Creek is in poor condition and carries a lot of sediment in storm events.

At base flow it is OK.

Being monitored for salinity as shows relatively high levels for the Upper Catchment.

ACT Waterwatch says:

Wow, what a story.

And yet it seems they have got things largely under control, judging by the low turbidity now.

Spring Creek, Welaregang, NSW.
Spring Creek, Welaregang, NSW. Photo: Sandy Dellwo.

About the site

Spring Creek used to be a small tributary to the Murray River. In the 1940s, a single furrow plough was used at a site to try and drain a swamp and it set off a massive erosion problem. A creek that you used to be able to step over turned into a massively incised stream with 5m deep banks. It has been heavily planted with willows and poplars over the years to try and stop the sediment. It is now all fenced and has been revegetated up on the banks

What's going on:

Monthly water quality monitoring as part of a community stream sampling project (SaltCHECK) to improve our knowledge of the condition of inland waterways within the Murray Catchment. Activities at the site also include micromanagement of small erosion problems, lots of earthworks, fencing and revegetation to try and prevent the lateral gullies from incising to the same levels.