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Kotie Swart: Forde pond

Kotie Swart: Forde pond

Bottle number: 64

About the water

A colour photo of Kotie Swart with her water sample at Forde Pond.
Kotie Swart. Photo: Arnold Swart.

Collected at: Pond at Forde, near Loma Rudduck Street, Forde, ACT

-35.171414, 149.149178

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Collected by: Kotie Swart

Private person – saw 'Request to participate' and responded.

Water quality:

Possible fertilisers and pollution to building taking place in area.

ACT Waterwatch says:

This person has all the right concerns for this site. Planting native trees and encouraging native aquatic plants will help slow water moving off the housing development into the pond, and use the nutrients that might flow into it.

A colour photo of the water sample collection site at a pond at Forde, near Loma Rudduck Street, Forde, ACT.
Pond at Forde, ACT. Photo: Arnold Swart.

About the site

New development with new pond, new houses – worry about pollution by builders.

What's going on:

New grass, shrubs were planted around newly established pond.
New houses build in surrounding area.

Private person – own house across pond.