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Grant and Tracy McIlveen: Gulligal Lagoon

Grant and Tracy McIlveen: Gulligal Lagoon

Bottle number: 29

About the water

Grant and Tracy McIlveen at Gulligal Lagoon with their water sample.
Grant and Tracy McIlveen

Collected at: Gulligal Lagoon, [Gulligan], NSW

E: 150.08556, N: 30.47680

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Collected by: Grant and Tracy McIlveen

[Became involved] through the Namoi Aquatic Habitat Initiative – a partnership program between Industry and Investments NSW and Namoi Catchment Management Authority. Initiative established a Demonstration Reach between Boggabri and Narrabri on the Namoi River to showcase a range of riparian protection techniques.

Water quality:

Turbidity: 7
pH: 8.5
Salinity: 400µs/cm
Phosphates: 0.22ppm
Dissolved oxygen: 6.6mg/L (78% saturation)

We also measured temperature: 21.5 degrees Celsius.

ACT Waterwatch says:

In this region there is a lot of cropping and irrigating; both can lead to increased salinity and nutrients. Despite that, this billabong is in pretty good nick, largely due to the work being done there. Further improvements in nutrients should be seen as their plantings take off.

Gulligal Lagoon
Gulligal Lagoon, [Gulligan], NSW.

About the site

Lagoon/billabong approx 3km long adjacent to the Namoi River. Connects to the Namoi only under severe flood conditions. Otherwise water levels maintained by rain.

What's going on:

Fencing to exclude stock, replanting native vegetation and recently there was a release of 80 Purple Spotted Gudgeons.

As outlined – fencing, replanting and water quality monitoring.