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Emi Callaway: Fadden Hills Silt Pond

Emi Callaway: Fadden Hills Silt Pond

Bottle number: 41

About the water

A colour photo of Emi Callaway holding her water sample.
Frogwatcher Emi Callaway.
Photo: Kumiko Callaway.

Collected at: Fadden Hills Silt Pond, Fadden, ACT

Northing: 6080620N, Easting: 692125E
Near the playground at the corner of Nicklin Cr and Bugden Ave, Fadden.

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Collected by: Emi Callaway

We conduct frogwatching at this site every year.

Water quality:

There are grass and reeds around the water. While the water doesn't look clean, there are lots of frogs and some ducks that use it as an area to raise ducklings.

ACT Waterwatch says:

This pond is one of the new breed of urban stormwater sumps. The thick vegetation provides habitat for birds and frogs.

A colour photo of the water sample collection site at Fadden Hills Silt Pond, Fadden, ACT.
Fadden Hills Silt Pond, Fadden, ACT. Photo: Kumiko Callaway.

About the site

The site is primarily used to catch run-off from the Fadden Hills residential area (built in latter half of the 1980s) and Wanniassa Hills Nature reserve. While it has a small playground, the park area surrounding the pond is only small and rarely used for other uses. Limited recreational fishing occurs at the site. In recent years, there has been an increase in vegetation in the water inflow areas.

What's going on:

[As outlined above] only limited recreational activities are undertaken at the site. Site is often on local residents' walking routes.

Frogwatching: participate in an annual survey of the frog population at the site.