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Bernadette Cudars: Yackandandah Creek, Sanatorium Road

Bernadette Cudars: Yackandandah Creek, Sanatorium Road

Bottle number: 61

About the water

A colour photo of Bernadette Cudars, Waterwatch volunteer, Yackandandah Creek, Victoria, with her water sample from Sanatorium Road.
Bernadette Cudars, Waterwatch volunteer, Yackandandah Creek, Victoria.

Collected at: Yackandandah Creek, Sanatorium Road, after Yackandandah, Victoria

This part of the creek is about 12kms south of the township located in Allans Flat.

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Collected by: Bernadette Cudars

I became personally involved in Waterwatch in 2008 because no one in Yackandandah was testing the creek water. I chose this site because it was fairly accessible by car and located north of the Yackandandah township. If any differences in water quality are evident then Waterwatch have important information to add to the database.

Water quality:

Turbidity: 8NTU
pH: 7.4 units
Nitrates: N/A
Salinity: 110EC
Phosphates: 0.07mg/L
Dissolved oxygen: 8mg/L / 95% sat.

Water temperature: 21.2 degrees Celsius

ACT Waterwatch says:

There are more nutrients than one would expect in this creek. I suspect stock have access to the creek and are fouling it.

A colour photo of Yackandandah Creek, Victoria.
Yackandandah Creek, Victoria. Photo: Bernadette Cudars.

About the site

This part of the creek is north of a bridge for Sanatorium Road. The area is heavily infested with riparian weed mainly blackberry. The site is used by people who take river sand (not by legal means I would suggest). The area is south of the Allans Flat dredge hole. The Creek at this point ran dry for most summer months.

What's going on:

There exists a Yackandandah Creek Waterway Action Plan (July 2009) by the North East Catchment Management Authority to restore back to health the Yackandandah Creek between Yackandandah and the Kiewa River.

I am not sure whether this site is included in the Action Plan but the Creek runs through many private properties and creek side weed and sediment build up are real issues here.

My involvement with the creek is purely on a voluntary basis with Waterwatch and my own observations. I am hoping to be involved with the Waterway Action Plan in some way.