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Alexandra Secondary College: Goulburn River, Thornton

Alexandra Secondary College: Goulburn River, Thornton

Bottle number: 68

About the water

Alexandra Secondary College students with their water sample at their collection site, Goulburn River, Thornton, Victoria.
Kristelle, Bethany, Hannah, Rachael, Rachelle, Kate and Sarah.

Collected at: Goulburn River, Thornton, Victoria

100m N of the Thornton Bridge, Back Road, Thornton

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Collected by: Alexandra Secondary College
(Mrs R Bessant)

We are a Year 9 Science group who are working on environmental science concepts, studying endangered species and environment qualities.

Water quality (as at 2.40pm, 23 November 2009):

Turbidity: 5NTU
pH: 6.5
Salinity: 40┬ÁS (EC)
Dissolved oxygen: mg/L 9.2, 94%

Water was very clear. Water temperature: 15.2

ACT Waterwatch says:

While erosion might be a concern, the turbidity is doing all right for now. Turbidity may spike during a heavy rain event. Fast flowing water means good levels of oxygen.

About the site

A colour photo of the water sample collection site at Goulburn River, Thornton, Victoria
Goulburn River, Thornton, Victoria.

Fast flowing water opposite a caravan park. There is a little bit of rubbish and weeds and a gum tree hanging over the water.

What's going on:

Small amount of erosion. The track is in need of reinforcing to reduce erosion. High traffic area for fishing and access for canoes and other boating craft.

Water testing for water quality to feed back to Waterwatch.