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Alexandra Secondary College: Goulburn River, Eildon

Alexandra Secondary College: Goulburn River, Eildon

Bottle number: 66

About the water

A colour photo of Alexandra Secondary College students at their water sample collection site at Eildon weir.
Sarah, Grace, Daniel, Callum, Hayley, Ben and Caitlin.

Collected at: Goulburn River, Eildon, Victoria

200 metres downstream of Eildon Weir.

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Collected by: Alexandra Secondary College (Mission X, Mrs R Bessant)

We are involved in a scientific research project and we are testing for water quality of local waterways and in researching local endangered species of flora and fauna.

Water quality:

Turbidity: 9NTU
pH: 6.43
Salinity: 40┬ÁS/cm (EC)
Dissolved oxygen: 90% 9.1MG/L

Also tested water temperature: 14 degrees

ACT Waterwatch says:

Whatever they are doing, they are doing a nice job, that's excellent water quality! Weeds, while not ideal, stabilize soil and take up nutrients. Native plants are best, as they provide habitat for native animals, but weeds are better than bare soil as this site shows.

About the site

A colour photo of Eildon Weir 200 metres downstream.
Eildon Weir, 200 metres downstream.

Open access easily, reinforced bank, evidence of cleared willow trees. Well known fishing access point.

The area is utilised for recreational access for canoes and rafts.

Some evidence of weed infestation include blackberries along the banks, however they are being controlled.

The site is in need of further reinforcing of erosion control as it seems to be slipping away.

What's going on:

Removal of exotic species of plants and reinforced bank to stop erosion needs attention.

We tested for turbidity, pH, nitrates, salinity and dissolved oxygen.