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Basin Bytes

Basin Bytes

Basin Bytes is a collection of photographs taken by people who live in Australia's Murray-Darling Basin. The Basin spans five Australian states and territories and is an important natural, cultural and agricultural region. The Basin Bytes photographs show local landscapes, resources, cultural heritage and characters from:

Two people sitting on a small boat in a river.

Echuca, Victoria (2004)

Three people standing on a beach are holding surfboards behind their backs.

Goolwa, South Australia (2006)

A flock of pelicans.

Toowoomba, Queensland (2006)

A river with reflection of clouds and trees

Wentworth, New South Wales (2004)

To view details of the various projects view the Basin Bytes google map and click on the blue place mark bubbles. You can move around the map by clicking and dragging on it or by clicking on the directional arrows at the top left of the map. Zoom in or out using the + or - buttons on the top left of the map.

The Project

The Basin Bytes project is a series of community outreach initiatives in collaboration with the Murray-Darling Basin Commission and the University of Tasmania through an Australian Research Council project called Committing to Place. The project involved directly working with local government, non-government, community groups and individuals.

Local community members were given digital cameras and asked to document aspects of natural resource and cultural heritage management. Some participants also documented the lifestyles and characters in their communities.  Images and text were uploaded remotely through an online database before being published on the National Museum's website. Exhibitions of the photos also took place in each local community.

The Murray-Darling Basin

The Murray-Darling Basin covers approximately one-seventh or 14% of the total area of Australia. It spans five states and territories and contains Australia's three largest rivers. It is also Australia's most important agricultural region.

The Basin contains almost half of all Australian farms, producing wool, cotton, wheat, sheep, cattle, dairy, rice, oil-seed, wine, fruit and vegetables for domestic and overseas markets.

The Basin produces one-third of Australia's food supply and supports over a third of Australia's total gross value of agricultural production.

While agriculture is vital to the Australian economy, the Murray-Darling Basin is much more than simply a 'food bowl'. It has an important place in the cultural heritage of Australia and includes many significant natural heritage features.