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Sebastian Ryan

Sebastian Ryan


Artist biography

Sebastian Ryan is a 21-year-old music producer and visual artist who currently studies at the Australian National University School of Art. Sebastian began studying music at a young age, learning multiple instruments including bass guitar, drums and piano. His interest in music led him into a passion for computer music, so in his first year out of Year 12 he completed a Certificate IV in Music (Technical Production). As his interest in computer music grew, it also grew into other digital art forms. This interest led him to begin a degree at the ANU School of Art, with a major in digital media. While studying here, Sebastian has grown an interest in many digital mediums such as video, animation, installation art and generative sound art.

However, his interest and passion still remains with audio and music production. He continues to produce original music tracks and DJ under the stage name 'Less Than Three' which keeps him busy, performing on a weekly basis around Canberra. He draws from an extensive influence base of music, digital arts and popular culture to create unique digital art as he nears the end of his degree.

Artist statement

Fog of War is a short 3D animation projected onto smoke and filmed. It attempts to capture the sense of fear and unknown, which soldiers fighting in the Vietnam war might have faced. Jungle warfare is known for its harsh conditions due to poor visibility, so this piece aims to create an experience that was chaotic and stressful aurally, yet visually it might not be the same.

Artist work

Title: Fog of War
Medium: video
Date: September 2011

Artist inspiration

I have been interested in smoke machines for a long time and I really felt compelled to try and create a unique experience by projecting image onto smoke. My research into the Australian Journeys exhibition led to towards the content of the Vietnam war, which I thought would be perfect for my experimentation. I began creating a 3D CGI environment, which I could then control and manipulate for the exact imagery I wanted for my piece.