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Lucia Masango

Lucia Masango


Artist biography

Nomfundo Lucia Masango was born on 23 March 1992, in a small town called Waterval Boven in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa to parents Thulisile and Elias Masango. She grew up in another small town called Kwamhlanga in Mpumalanga until the age of seven, when her family moved to Beijing, China where she attended the International School of Beijing. Her family moved back to South Africa in 2005 where she attended St Mary's Diocesan School for Girls in Pretoria and where her family currently lives. Moving to Australia in 2007, she enrolled in the Bachelor of Visual Arts Degree in 2010 at the Australian National University majoring in Digital Media after graduating from St Clare's College, Canberra.

Lucia has always had an eye for design and aspired to be a graphic designer in high school, but realised her passion for visual arts after she began her education at art school. Lucia is interested in both abstract and narrative video and draws inspiration from her Ndebele/Zulu cultural background and the political history of her country of origin. Having travelled and lived half of her life outside her home country, she easily feels out of place and a foreigner in South Africa. Her work is therefore mostly concerned with self-identity and finding her place in the world as an African woman but more importantly as a South African woman.

On top of her visual arts studies, Lucia is also pursuing an acting career and studies part time at the Canberra Academy of Dramatic Arts. Having aspirations to be a working/paid actor and director, she is working towards producing video and film where she is active in front of camera and behind camera, combining her love for acting and post-production. She looks forward to experimenting with the video medium and has plans to do documentaries and music videos.

Artist statement: Cricket Update

Cricket Update is an abstract representation of a cricket game with the intention of humour.

I wanted to create a short piece of animation that would resemble a humorous cricket update one would witness during a long cricket match for comic relief. The aesthetics and audio would play a crucial role in allowing me to convey the intended light-heartedness of this piece. A small part of the audio comes from the beginning of the song We Started The Fire, a song created as a tribute to Australian Cricket, and the rest of the audio is self produced. I chose the style of music I used because of the pace and energy it added to my visual component.

For the visual component, I began with the concept of wanting to create movement within a still image, and approached this idea by choosing a few still images from the archive and isolating sections of an image by animating them. The changing of background colour is a response to the colour scheme used on the Cricketing Journeys to Australia interactive from the Australian cricket exhibit on display in the Australian Journeys gallery. Colour plays a very big part in my work and I really wanted to incorporate a fun and energetic feeling to the animation through colour and felt the frame-by-frame background colour change suited and grabbed attention.

Artist work

Title: Cricket Update
Medium: animation
Date: October 2011

Artist inspiration

Cricket Update was inspired by the Cricketing Journeys to Australia interactive from the Australian cricket exhibit on display in the Australian Journeys gallery. The bright colours and clever use of the original images from the National Museum of Australia's collection were the main two things that appealed to me. The manner in which the website was constructed to be an educational tool inspired me to make use of images that would link to the heritage of Australian cricket (eg the original blazers, caps and cricket bats).

Artist statement: Canberra is Like This

Before I came to Australia I had my own preconceptions as to what this country would be like. For example, before I came here I thought all Australians spoke with the really strong typical Australian accent as most tourists expect. I also didn't expect Australia to share so many similarities with South Africa regarding environment and major city structure. Having lived a few years in this country I am still discovering new things about the environment, the people and the culture that is Australia.

I therefore wanted to create a video that partly portrayed my Australian Journey, in particular my journey in getting to know the city of Canberra. The concept included incorporating the major landmarks in Canberra and showcasing the city through my perspective. I therefore chose to film places that I was familiar with and shared a connection.

Artist work

Title: Canberra is Like This
Medium: video
Date: November 2011

Archival footage supplied by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia's Film Australia Collection Library
© National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

Artist inspiration

Canberra is Like This was inspired by the video Australia Is Like This from the National Film and Sound Archive Film Australia Library used in the Australian Journeys gallery. I used the audio as well as the first two scenes and last scene from Australia is Like This. The two actors I've used in the video are Vivek Sharma and Ashleigh Jensen. Vivek Sharma portrays the tourist and Ashleigh the local. From the beginning of this work the audio was a dominating component and it influenced the manner in which I edited my footage together.

The aesthetics of the video were inspired by the audio but more by the scenes I used from the Australia Is Like This video. The footage was edited as much as it could to match the beginning sequence. In doing so, I wanted to stay true to the original video from the National Film and Sound Archive.