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Eleanor Evans

Eleanor Evans


Artist biography

Eleanor Evans is an artist from Cooma, New South Wales who works in a variety of mediums. Her work usually involves a combination of traditional and digital techniques. She is especially interested in stop motion animation and puppetry. Eleanor is currently studying Visual Arts majoring in Digital Media at the Australian National University.

Artist statement

To people in Europe before Australia was discovered it may as well have been the moon. People imagined strange creatures and what they may do. Speculation is taking this idea and bringing it into a modern context by showing the characters (which are inspired by the creatures on the side of a map in the collection) performing tasks in the context of television shows. 

Artist work

Title: Speculation
Medium: claymation
Date: 2011

Artist inspiration

Before Australia was discovered by Europeans people speculated that there might be a 'Great South Land'. In the Museum's collection there are some early maps with a representation of what this great south land and its inhabitants might look like; the characters in Speculation are inspired by these creatures. 

Collection highlight on Four world maps and the Myth of the Great South Land